Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What is Google +1 and What It Means For Your Blog?

On March 30, Google announced the launch of its latest addition to the search engine, a small button called +1. As with any announcement of Google, there will always be the consequences, both large and not to big to the average and professional blogger. Understanding the potential impact of the new Google feature can help you better prepare for the next six to twelve months of your blog.

What is Google?

In essence, Google is a way for people to vote for the Google results without the appearance as a configuration of Digg.

In other words, if someone likes the result that in Google, you press the button 1, then continue with their lives. When someone does the same search that person did, you will see that there is attached to a particular search result, and that, at least in the eyes of Google, will encourage them to click on that result.

If you choose to allow your name to appear, people within the network is that, in particular, liked the result. But the latter is voluntary.

Why Google is important?

For some time, Google has been talking about how social media and social networks will be linked directly to the search engine optimization. Used to be you just build a bunch of links to rank keywords. But what I noticed as an SEO is that other aspects are increasingly important, including how a site deals with social media.

You can associate a greater reliance on social media, a Google search to provide the most favorable results. Here's an example.

Darren Rowse does this site about how to make money blogging. It has 173,000 readers through RSS, 128. 000 followers on Twitter, and nearly 23,000 people who like their Facebook group. In other words, he has a lot of readers.

Now, you are Google and you're trying to figure out who is the position of the first results for the keyword "professional blogger." Sure, someone could have a bunch of links, all containing that anchor text, to support the claim that they deserve the number one result.

But how do you know that Google backlinks are authentic and not buy, for example? It does not.

The only way for them to really know if that site is considered an "authority" is to see what people think. And what better way than to track Darren is doing in social media and networking world?

The implications of Google is one of the bloggers

I look at this update as a powerful movement for bloggers. Because we are taught that we should not put all our eggs in one basket, we've all been focusing on social media, search engine optimization and other aspects to bring traffic to our blogs.

Now that social media is, in part, to connect to search engine optimization, the amount of work that we do now twice, both for the social growth of the media and the growth of search engines. But there's more than that.

Google released a button similar to Facebook Like button. And if you click button 1, you will automatically have voted for the search results. You are telling Google, "Yes, I like this." And remember the search engine.

What this means, as a blogger, is that it takes to produce the highest quality you can. If others are getting and you're not, you'll be lost in the search range potential? I would say you are.

If Google thinks is important enough to create a new button and include it in their SERPs, are surely going to be taken into account when trying to decide which place to put as number one. And if it is a difference of 1 s to determine who should be first, I would bet everything that the person with the most votes will receive a number one ranking.

Since 34% of people click the first result is the first and the second to get the results for the fourth less than 34% of clicks, total, which is very important to get that number one ranking.

How to Prepare

Since the announcement on 30, this is obviously a component that will take some time to throw. That does not mean you should not be preparing for its full implementation. Here are some steps to get prepared.

First, make sure you are publishing content that is of high quality. You can not escape writing the contents of garbage, or extraction of content from other sites. Google Update Panda crashed People with this type of content and no one will give it a 1.

Secondly, playing with himself when you begin to see the pop-up. If you go to Google Experimental page, you can join the experiment and placed in the program to start working with him.

Third, do not start abusing it. One of the things that I believe will play an important role in the success of one is the one who is voting with him. If it's the same few people, Google could not give the credit ratings as well as other pages to get the votes of people at random. Therefore, no start searching for every article written to give a +1.

One of Google is not a social network, per se. However, it is a voting system that will give Google a better idea of ​​what content people like and dislike. And, when you release the button to the inclusion in their web pages, you will have the opportunity to encourage your readers to a site.


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