Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5 Lessons About Making Money With Affiliate Programs

1. Relevance to the public, product and content

A key in promoting the high converting affiliate products is to align as closely as possible to the needs of your audience, with the product you are promoting and content produced on his blog.

For example, if my readers are all digital photographers, I'm making a blog with content that teaches the basics of photography and I was promoting a book or a course in beginner to intermediate photography tips - who would have a very good ability to generate some sales and therefore commissions.

However, if I was to promote the same course here at ProBlogger the campaign would fall on her face and I probably would hurt my reputation more than good.

2. Trust is crucial

I think the affiliate promotions tend to work better on a blog that has been around for a time when the number of readers has been traveling with the blogger for a while.

When you read someone's solid advice on a daily basis for a couple of years that are far more likely to buy something you recommend to buy something from a complete stranger. It's all about establishing credibility and trust.

3. Traffic is the key

There is no way around it - that increase the chances of a conversion with the number of people who see your invitation to purchase a product.

Of course it depends on the audience - not all traffic is equal.

For example, I could reach the front page of Digg with my job of promoting a product and get 100 times the normal message traffic any, and conversions would be 100 times higher (simply because Digg readers do not usually take into account both affiliate products, and because I have no established relationship with them).

However, as the loyal readership grows in numbers that tend to increase the chances of conversion.

4. Reinforce the message

I wrote about this in my ProBlogger Newsletter a few weeks ago - but I think instead of posting once on a product you're promoting - it can be much more effective to find ways to reinforce a message through time . You can start with a message saying the announcement to your readers about what you are promoting, you may follow within a few days with a review of it, and then a week later with a reader testamonial to then go to an interview of someone who is behind the product ....

The key is to find useful ways to talk about the product without disturbing its readers (not always easy). By doing this, remember and reinforce the 'tone' for you reader to buy.

5. Positioning

Affiliate promotions usually do not work very well if all it is a banner in the sidebar. Become still - nowhere, but close by, as if the position of his class in a message to himself as the subject of the message.


Anonymous said...

making money is really hard

Anonymous said...

i know but it has a good result

Anonymous said...

how did you say that?

Anonymous said...

because you will work only about 1 hour per day and have a good income

Anonymous said...

thanks for the list bro

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