Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making Money From The Clicks Of 2 And 3 With The Amazon Affiliate Program

Shoemoney Jeremy Twittered yesterday to say that the review he wrote the book 38 ProBlogger book sales generated through your affiliate link to Amazon. He continued that money money did the other things people went shopping after clicking through the line.

The great thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that not only make commissions on the item link from your blog, but any article that refers to your reader might buy after clicking on your link.

I wrote about this before in a post on the power to make people in the door in the Amazon, where I showed an example of when I linked to a picture book in a review of DPS. That link is generated over 160 sales - 100 of whom were not articles I linked in the review. Along with items worth about $ 500.

This is my experience time and again. The money in the use of Amazon's affiliate program is not often that you click on first - but on days 2, 3 (etc) once people are in front of the Amazon.


Anonymous said...

amazon is the best if your site is about specs or whatever

Anonymous said...

i dont understand amazon at all

Anonymous said...

hey bro we are the same... its really hard to start

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