Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Retirement Of AdSense Referrals Program And Launch The Google Affiliate Network

Today AdSense announced they are developing the "References to a close and relaunch a new Google Network members. In actual effect of the new affiliate network, is not" new "- but a renamed version of the Affiliate Network DoubleClick Performics which it acquired in March.

This is a story that many expected - especially since Google bought DoubleClick earlier this year. Nor is it surprising, as most editors I know have had very little success with the AdSense Referrals program inside. In fact, I am one of the few people I know who did more of it - and almost dry when they changed the AdSense referral program.

If you promote products AdSense Referrals ...

If you're a blogger to promote any products AdSense Referrals is the time to remove the post and replace it with something else. You can run the ads, but they will stop working in the last week of August.

It is unclear whether the references which has made have not been converted will also be zero in the last week of August also. This is something I would like to see AdSense clear that some programs have long waiting times for those who refer to "convert" and therefore, to make money.

Google Affiliate Network

The new Google Affiliate Network does not do something that everyone will be able to use. They say they are directed to sites with much of the US-based traffic - I am yet to see any explanation on how they will be filtering publishers, if a minimum of traffic based on gain in time, so say the editors begin to apply. Today, I know that Performics has accepted me as an editor (I was using before) so it's not too hard to get I hope!

No more Google products affiliate

Those of you that the promotion of 'Google products through the current system of "References" should know that there are no plans at this time to have these products available to promote through new affiliate network. They can come later, but my sources on Google say these programs are coming to an end and there is no way to make money immediately by sending new AdSense publishers, AdWords advertisers, etc. 


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i dont think that adsense is good

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