Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Increase Sales With Amazon Best Seller And Lists Of Popular Products

This week we have been looking at a variety of techniques to help you increase your blogs earnings in the period leading up to Christmas.

Today I share two similar techniques that I used in the last week is a big part of my income tripled in the Amazon for the month of December - best seller and lists of popular products.

These two techniques that I use regularly in my photography semi Site Ponte - let me explain, with examples, how to do them.

Lists of Best Seller

This technique is used in stores everywhere. Head into your local bookstore and you're bound to find a list of 'best seller', or even a screen showing what books are best sellers of the month.

The books that sell well and get on these lists usually go to the next level - simply because they are on the list. People see that they are popular and therefore when they are looking for a book - which is more likely to go for them because obviously others like them. It's partly about using the wisdom of the crowd to identify the quality and make decisions, but is also part of "social proof".

Here is an example of how to use this same concept to create my own list of best seller in my blog.

You can see the list of my popular digital cameras and gear page. On this page you will see a number of bestseller lists photography books, digital SLR cameras, lenses and point and shoot cameras. The lists were compiled simply through the statistics on my Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon gives very detailed reports of what the products are sold through your affiliate links. You can arrange the number of items sold and not difficult to take that information and put it in a list of your own.

Of course, this works best if you have an audience that has been shopping - but all is not lost. Go to any Amazon category page (eg, the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Books page) and you can see which products are sorted in order of 'best seller'.

No best selling books on the subject. Simply find a category that relates to your subject and you can create an important place in his blog that thrives on the idea of ​​social proof.

Popular Products List

Another similar technique I have found to be very effective is the creation of "lists of popular products." This is similar to establishing a list of products that are popular for their readers to interact with - but the difference is that you do not use Amazon statistics to put the list together - that readers use their own information to create the list .

That's how it works for me recently:

I asked my readers what DSLR lenses considers that his favorite targets. I asked them to leave a comment with the details of what they loved the lens.
After 10 days of comments from the readers (I promoted this issue after a lot in my weekly newsletter) I spent a couple of hours to sift through the responses of all.
I took those answers and build a new place - The most popular DSLR lenses - According to our readers. I broke the list into different manufacturers to be more useful and then published it.

The result was very good. The message has not generated many comments - but generated very good sales on Amazon for next week. Interestingly, the message was also very popular when it linked to the email newsletter of the next week - was the link to click that email with more than 5000 people who saw the message.

This led to some good sales of the lenses mentioned in the post - for sale, but also as secondary to other products that people continue to browse Amazon.

Again - this technique is based on her blog readers and readers who leave comments - but even with a small group of readers I'm sure you could do.

Good luck creating your sales success and lists of popular products!

PS: A guy smarter than I am experimenting with DPS is now a collection of reviews that I posted in the blog above. You can see this in action in a post entitled 12 Great digital photography books for your Christmas stocking.

In summary, a list of books on the subject of photography, with links to Amazon and the reviews I've written before about the books short quotations from reviews. I have not made such a list before, but I suspect it will do well.


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i dont actually use amazon...i really like adsense

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yeah yeah me too

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i used amazon and its good

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yeah its good but low percentage

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