Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Message To Amazon Associates Program

Dear Amazon.

I have been using their associated program for a couple of years - since the early days, when I won a few dollars a month to today, when I send tens of thousands of dollars of business each month. I wrote about why I believe in your program and I have no doubt sent hundreds (if not thousands of members in my time).

According to my calculations we have sent about $ 1,500,000 in sales in the last five years.

I am very grateful for the $ 70,000 that you sent me in payment of membership and I am by no means its major affiliate, but I hope to have reached one million dollars in sales of the brand to forgive me this note to express a concern I have the hope that could help improve your program.

I am increasingly frustrated by their payment system.

While offering direct debit payments for those in the U.S. - I live in Australia and therefore has two payment options - checks and gift certificates. Let's take a look at the two methods:

1. Gift Certificates - as someone who earns $ 2000 - $ 3000 in commissions each month from Amazon's just not possible for me to make my payments on the certificates. To begin with I had run out of things to buy rather quickly - especially because most of their high-priced items can not be shipped outside the U.S..

This leaves me with the option of simply buying books, DVDs and CDs ($ 2 -. $ 3k a month ...) or buying things, sending U.S. friends and repost them to Australia. It also means having to pay for international shipping everything I buy - not cheap. Let's say that this rules out the option of gift certificate (although I take it once a year if I'm making a trip to the U.S.).

2. Check - This leaves me with only one option - to receive a check. Let me say that your checks do come quickly. The I can get in a couple of weeks after the end of the month - much faster than others (good job) - However, a check for over $ 2000 in Australia needs to be processed by my bank and sent back to the U.S. . UU. before it can be cleared. It takes six weeks from the day that bank.

This means that the money they make from Amazon in the first of a month can take six weeks to get the check and then another six weeks before you see the money. Ie 3 months!

Overall, this is one of the slowest payment systems and I have to use outdated. Each affiliate program or ad network that I use (and use some) gives the option of either international direct deposit or PayPal transfer, especially to members who earn over a certain threshold.

The only other program members who insisted that I receive checks gives me the option to split them in small quantities (which get 2-3 of them every month) so the check can be processed locally without the delay of six weeks.

I love the Amazon affiliate program, but the payment system is increasingly frustrating me. I would like to see you do something about it for me and my fellow non-affiliated U.S. and in so doing, improve their already great program.

I know you must be busy with their big sale on Black Friday - but I appreciate your consideration of this.

BermudaMaxus of BloggerBlocks


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