Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Begin Making Money Using Affiliate Programs On Your Website

In reading the comments on that post and was wondering some thoughts came to mind that I think is worth adding:

Test and monitor results

I have written several times on ProBlogger about fit testing and advertising on your blog (for example - this post about how to run split testing).

The same principle applies to the campaigns of members in a number of levels.

1. Split Testing Ad Banner

If you run ads to promote your affiliate campaign (remember yesterday I said they tend not to work, and in subsequent promotions) can run some tests of division in a way similar to that mentioned in the article split testing. Instead of showing two different versions of AdSense ads - only show two different types of banner ads promoting the product you are promoting. Just make sure you have a banner tracking method is the conversion of the best (there are many affiliate programs either give up or different identifiers will follow up the banners for you).

2. Monitoring what your readers respond to

Yesterday I mentioned that instead of promoting an affiliate product once it may be worth taking a number of different message types for its promotion over time. The beauty of this is that you begin to see what your readers respond. You may find that some people subscribe to a product the first time advertised, but when you write a review to increase sales. Alternatively, you may find that when offered a bonus to sign up again, or even respond to you an interview with the person behind the product. The key is to try different things, but after seeing how they develop.

Test conversions in an affiliate program seems so basic - but I wonder how many bloggers to do with affiliate programs that only seems to slap a quick post to say "buy this product and do not seem to be creative in dealing new methods of promotion.

3. Try the different programs and their conversions

In yesterday's post Omar asked for a list of the best affiliate programs. It's a common question, but it is really impossible to answer because there are literally thousands of options open to bloggers and the different programs become differently for different blogs. As mentioned in yesterday's post, this partly depends on the relevance of the products to their content and audience - but also depends on other factors such as sales copy landing page to send traffic to (some the pages will be of interest to some other audiences), the profile and branding of the site you send traffic to the product price, etc.

The key when you're in the game of affiliate marketing is to experiment with different affiliate programs and products within them. You may find that a program like the Amazon Associates program best suits your audience (despite their low commission rates than some others), because your audience is familiar with it, or you can find a program like PepperJam (which has a lot of big network affiliates) is best for you or you could even build a relationship with a smaller company that has its own private affiliate program because their products only "attacks" with your audience.

The key is to find relevant products that meet the needs of your audience and track conversions.
One more thing about affiliate programs Selection

There are some very good comments in the previous post about choosing affiliate programs - particularly Linda G and Lex. They collect that is not always the largest affiliate program payment is the best. While it's great to find a program that pays a high price high percentage commission - you might find that the price is beyond the scope of the type of audience they have and other programs that pay less commissions and is less expensive may actually earn more.

A lot of people cancel programs like Amazon Associates Program because of its committees and lower prices on items such as books - however, I noticed that Amazon can work very well for me (that remains in my best form of make money blogging at # 4 on the list, while I do not see dramatic sales that other programs can earn hundreds of children -. the sales that I can see on any given day will certainly add up.

How much traffic do you need?

Dainis question in the comments of previous post how much traffic is needed before starting to promote affiliate programs.

This is another good (and common) question - and as with many aspects of making money with blogs is a question that different people respond differently.

My personal approach is to start promoting this type of program for the first. I wrote a long post about when to put advertising on a blog before and much of what I say is also relevant to affiliate programs, but they are my main reasons for the early onset:

While you can not do much with just a bit of traffic you could do something.
From early readers used to the idea that making money with your blog. Adding that later could put some offside.
Learn how to monetize your blog before you have readers so you can deal with errors of a few instead of a lot of people.


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i will choose pay per click instead of pay per sale

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why? because you can easily count the money?

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