Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do You Rewrite Someone’s Content? Please Read This One!

Earlier this week Google "head of web spam", Matt Cutts posted on his blog that it is implementing a change in its algorithm that affects the content publishers elsewhere on the Web.

The changes are all about the classification of the original sources of higher content than scrape / publish / copy. This has always been the intention of Google, but every time I have been seeing some scraped content rank higher than the original sources.

For those who produce original content blogs, hopefully does not mean being out of range by other sites content playback (with or without permission). As someone who finds his own content appearing on other sites many times a day (often without credit to the source), for me this is a welcome change.

For those using scraping (or syndication) strategies, the news could stimulate a rethinking of this approach. I know there are times and places for the distribution (especially if done with permission), but this serves as a reminder that in most cases, if you are looking to create a prominent and successful blog, you need to produce something that is not only relevant and useful, but is also unique.


Anonymous said...

im banned in google adsense because of copyright infringement

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