Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finding Profitable Products To Promote Membership

Last week I spoke to a small group of bloggers here in Melbourne with a cafe. One issue that several of them were interested in talking about is affiliate marketing. They were struggling with advertising as a model to make money with their blogs and wanted to expand and experiment with affiliate promotions in your blog.

But want to get into affiliate marketing and actually doing are two different things. There are a number of challenges to overcome.

One challenge is finding the right product to promote.

Choose the right products to promote affiliate promotions is crucial for a number of reasons - the main two are:

1. Products are key - if your blog attracts an audience around a particular theme or demographic is unlikely to be able to sell products that have no relevance to the topic of your blog.

2. The quality of the products may affect its long-term brand - the promotion of low-quality products that could harm your brand. Readers will recall that they learned of the products you trust and that you and your blog can be increased or decreased so we recommend to them.

So - the choice of suitable products subsidiary is crucial. It not only affects the conversions and profitability, but it affects your brand and relationships with readers.

Finding the right affiliate product to promote

Some tips and ideas in seeking to promote affiliate programs come to mind:

Google is - this is not an exact science but it works. If you have a product of Google Blog Beauty "Beauty Products Affiliate Program". Enter keywords in the search key and you can find products that are relevant to your niche.

Look at your competition - what are those that promote products instead. Often a quick look down the sidebar of another blog for success in place to see what products and services you are promoting affiliate products reveal you can promote (and could also point to some relevant advertisers to promote).

Check out AdSense ads - many of the AdSense ads that appear in addition to the Google search results on other blogs and even your own blog is likely to be products with affiliate programs attached. Do not click the ads on your own blog, but check what the promo spots can reveal all sorts of potential affiliate partners. The same goes for other types of advertising. For example, recently I was browsing Facebook and saw an ad relevant to my blog - by clicking on it I found a new product with an affiliate program that he had not heard of before.

Address your potential affiliate partners - this would not work if you are a new blog with little traffic, but as a blog grows, you may be in a position to approach the manufacturers of a product or service to see if he got some type of affiliate program for you. I've done this a few times over the past year has been great. The best part is that you get an edge on your competition for promotion, as is very likely to be the only person promotion.

Search affiliate networks - Finally, there are many affiliate networks around a few affiliate programs to a list of many. Most of these have search functions that lets you enter keywords and find promotions relevant to your niche. Check out MarketLeverage, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Red PepperJam (resignation, MarketLeverage sponsors ProBlogger) and many more.

Shop online search for products - many online stores like Amazon have affiliate programs attached to them. In general, fees are not huge (eg Amazon range from a minimum of 4% to 15% depending on product type and the amount sold) - I guess you have narrow profit margins) - but the shops of this type have a huge range of products and can be a good place to start building, while traffic and find other programs.


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if you will use clickbank,,, just find the highest gravity

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the most important things, the more chance to make sales

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