Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How Wil You Use SEO Smartly For Long Life

At this point, we've all read about the basics of search engine optimization. But despite knowing all the best practices, only very few of us practice it. I know because shamefully I only recently realized that most of the content is not search engine optimized.

This makes no sense: hard work with social media to spread the word about his new role glorious and die to see her Twitter account to fly with its contents. That's fine and all, but why not optimize your job search engines and receive constant traffic, led every day?

Seeing is 2011, and having grown up in an era where the Internet has become a powerful tool that is used for much more than stalk people on Facebook, I personally use the Internet to make online purchases, reviews restaurants, dentist opinions (No kidding! ), Product reviews, checking bands, music downloads ... I could go on forever. The site has its best ranking in a few related results is (potentially) raking in a lot of targeted traffic and money. This could be you.

If you have an online blog, the background is what you need to reach the target. You have to draw in new visitors constantly to expand their online domain.

Go, Dad! How I can reach my target audience?

With a few simple but elegant movements, which can really get a good amount of new visitors every month.

Hopefully, you know what kind of audience you are trying to reach. To reach your audience, much of what we SEO professionals, what is called keyword research. You can use a free tool like the Keyword Tool Google to decide what keywords are worth your time.

For a solid year, I have relied a little keyword research and even more social networks (Twitter, and thanks to my colleagues in the network) to drive traffic to my site.

The main keyword I've been trying to sort my blog gets a good 9000 to 10.000 visitors per month. Nice big fish, right? The only problem is that it may take a while to rank for competitive keywords. However, something good happened in the process of trying to target the main keyword phrase: Now range of other key phrase that gets about 2,000 searches a month worldwide.

Thanks to the classification for this "very small" phrase, I get constantly new visitors every day. Without doing any extra work!

What does an extra 50 to 100 visitors a day for you? Could this result in additional subscribers to your mailing list, sales subsidiary in the line, the new faithful readers?

Start your blog

Despite having a primary keyword you want your blog to rank for, you should take a look at your previous messages. Do you have publications in the review of a product or shed light on a sub-topic?

For keywords of the product, you can optimize your message to the rank of "product name", "product review" type of keywords. Even if these terms are a low number of searches per month, you can earn a sales subsidiary for few keywords are known as buyer. People use keywords to decide on the purchase of products by looking for patches, and if all goes well, they are willing to buy the product or service. You want your link to be the one to click through to make the purchase of the product or service!
Skip to sub-themes

As for a sub-theme, once again conduct an investigation using the keyword tool from Google. Just because you want your blog to the rank of "horticulture" [5400 searches the world] does not mean you can not have a position that qualifies for "growing tomatoes" [1300 searches the world]. You can certainly see people who are interested in growing their own tomatoes most likely also be interested in vegetable gardening.

Better yet, if you do the research for appropriate keywords, you may end up with a pyramid of keywords that can help you dominate your competitive keywords much easier.


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