Sunday, December 4, 2011

8 Basics To Increase Website Traffic

1. Add your URL - By adding your website's URL to many search engines like google, bing and yahoo, if you do this, your website will be exist to each search engines and you can now start optimizing your website. This is the first thing you do before anything by getting your website in a huge traffic because if you didnt do this, your website doesnt exist from the people of those who wants to find a website like you

2. Get a webmaster tools - Google webmaster tools is a program that created by google to help all of the webmasters to boost their website's traffic. By making your account there, you will triple your chance to get ranked on google search engine fast. sign up there and add your website URL to begin.

3. Submit a sitemap - Do you have a website that have a lot of pages? This is very important for you because by submiting a sitemap of yours will increase your website's pages traffic from search engine because if not, only the home page of your website will be indexed. Go to your webmaster account and click your website then click submit a sitemap.

4. Unique page title - The keywords of your site is really based of what title of your website or pages. If someone is searching on google and its related on your website topic, make sure that the title of your website or pages is well optimized and correct according to its topic. This is very helpful to increase website traffic.

5. Nice content - By having a nice content is one of the most important by optimizing a website. All most all of the website viewers what are looking are in to importance and look of it. By having it, you have many chance to get linked your website to other website that will cost a massive and increase your traffic and rankings in search engines.

6. Add alt-txt to photos - Is your website is full of photos and you want many people to see it? by adding an alt-txt to each of your photos is really required if you want to get traffic by getting people in to it. Many people are also searching in google images search engine and what they are typing is depend of what is the alt-txt of your photos.

7. Social media - At this era of a social media, many people are experiment of how to get a large traffic from it by adding friends, commenting, messenging or even spamming to it. But almost of all webmasters find out the key is not telling the truth because its a treasure that cannot really share because by having it by someone, there is a chance to get rank-down to search engine and they are ranking up. Just a tip, join to many groups, add many friends but dont forget to make commenting and messanging to them.

8. Backlinks - By having a hundreds of backlinks will really make you happy because not only by ranking your website to many search engines, but by making a high quality backlink each, you can have also a lots of traffic and having a thousand unique visitors per day that will cost to your large sale from your affiliate program. Dont forget, the more visitors came, the more sale you will make.


smigol said...

this is the most important things to do if you are only a beginner

benji04 said...

good list for newbies

jenichris said...

getting traffic from the social media is one of the very hardest part in the beginning

benmark said...

nice but can you make a list about advance? by the way its good thanks

josechukkiri said...

Very useful article by you.

josechukkiri said...

I agree with the most important 8 points discussed in this article. Definitely, your traffic will boost if following these points properly.

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