Friday, December 2, 2011

For Me, It's Better Not To Be A Competitive

Blogging and site-building in itself is a large huge Galaxy. There are whole world of sites out there. Tiny, shiny, well known, yet to be discovered, big, really BIG sites and so on.

When looking at beginning a site, we anticipate a lot of opposition because of that variety of sites.

Take any imprecise industry directed at a very little readers, and you are sure to uncover many sites already providing the actual surface bursting support you believed was THE excellent strategy.

So, what is the take? Better… not to blog? Or be a philanthropist without any serious aspirations?

You could do that, but that is not what I believed would motivate you. So, here is an technique to be an excellent writer without difficulty, without discomfort (Don’t go through “without work” though…).

THERE IS NO COMPETITION OUT THERE… YOU ARE THE MONOPOLY – is the way of considering every writer needs to have to savor blogging, which will creates his/her site the best.

There are many advantages in having this mind-set while blogging and here are the few benefits:

1. No Fear

You know what anxiety is competent of. Concern of not being profitable, anxiety of sacrificing people platform, and anxiety of generating your viewers unhappy… pushes any writer ridiculous. You ignore to savor blogging.

Then blogging becomes an experience with regular fear of sacrificing people platform. When you never delight in something, the quality of your operate goes down. It is as easy as that.

2. No Pretending

Also, you should never anxiety to be genuine. You need not to say. You could say whatever you experience like to your viewers, because at the end, your site site is, what you ARE, and not what you are SUPPOSED to be.

You examine be required to act as industry place traditionally does. You would take your own phone. You would say what you really experience like saying.

3. No Numbers

Numbers generate us (at least me) ridiculous.

Total variety of exclusive readers, variety of ticks, CPM, variety of Feast Members, variety of immediate visits… toss all these statistics in the dustbin.

I know, they help you to know where you really are, but to say the easy fact, they never topic until you want to evaluation your site site. Examining your site site every day is not that wise. You could do it once in a few weeks or so.

When you think there is no opposition out there, you will not trouble about these statistics. I uncertainty The search engines, if run by an individual, would be tracking the variety of queries every day.

Think as if your site site was The search engines and neglect the statistics.

And to condition a easy fact, which you might already know, there is no opposition as such. Many sites could be in the dunia ngeblog together. So, no problems. Make a site in your own design and run it in your own regulations and delight in blogging.

Share your ideas on having this way of considering when blogging. What is your take? Lower your ideas and goes through.


Anonymous said...

your right... thats what im doin

Anonymous said...

being a competitive is complicated

Anonymous said...

you have a point

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