Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Think Well About Naming Your Blog

1) It must describe your blog: it is likely that many people will see a link to your blog before having a chance to really read (in the search engines, for example). You know, if you just look at the name that you can understand what the blog is about to be more likely to visit.

2) Must be easy to remember: suppose your blog talks about cycling, fitness and general health advice. The name "Cycling, Fitness and Overall Health Blog Tips" are offered a comprehensive description of the whole blog, but also easy to remember? Stick with simple names.

3) Must be equal to the domain name: This rule is often ignored by people, probably because the search for a suitable domain not registered yet is a difficult task. However, if your domain name does not match the name of the blog is likely to lose some readers along the way. When people visit your blog through a link that just read the blog name. If you decide to visit a couple of days later only enter the name followed by a dot com. If you do not find your blog once you press enter just go elsewhere.


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think about category

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