Friday, December 2, 2011

It Is All About Your Article And Design

All right, I know that if I start this post saying that “content is king” yet another time, I will reduce the attention of 50 % the viewers right there….

That is the subject of this post though. The other day Maki from Dosh Dosh declared that his website had arrived at 10,000 RSS members (it is already nearing 12,000 for the topic of fact). If you ever frequented his website, you probably know that the quality of the articles is superb.

In obtain to arrive at such a big number of members (in just over one year), however, you must think that he also maintained a lot of advertising and marketing models, network guidelines and advertising and marketing methods, right?

Well, that was not that situation, and that is why I think this tale is quite exciting. Here is a price from his post, where he represents the things that he do not accomplish.

    No Feedcount. I did not present my feast trust Dosh Dosh for its complete life and last night day was initially I put up my feast statistics. My feast topic was also deactivated until I arrived at 8000 members, which indicates no one could come across how many members I had until that point.

    No Guests Submitting. I have not published any guest content for any website with the objective of getting visitors or visitors back to my website. I only authored for Dosh Dosh.

    No Contests/Projects. Never used any challenges, class composing assignments, website carnivals or challenges at all on this website.

    No Advertising. Not 1 dollar was used on purchasing ads to advertise Dosh Dosh. Every individual guest that comes to this website is normal.

    No Rewards. Apart from the articles itself, I have never provided any incentives to inspire subscribers. Therefore no e-books, free opinions or products of any form.

    No Guests web owners. No one else has ever published any articles on this website.

    No Yahoo frontpages. A while ago, an post arrived at the Yahoo frontpage and was hidden in a few mins. After that, all articles from Dosh Dosh has been immediately hidden by Digg’s inner system (a possible theory).

    No Typical Submitting. For the later part of Dosh Dosh’s life, I authored often, sometimes only creating one or two articles in an complete few days.

Now never get me incorrect. I am not saying that all the described factors are useless for web owners. Having challenges and challenges, guest articles, public network visibility and so on can be used to supplement your overall technique.


Anonymous said...

yeah your right because if the site of yours is look like a shit,, they will go out from your site

Anonymous said...

what will i do? i dont have a talent in art?

Anonymous said...

then.. you are an idiot

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