Friday, December 2, 2011

Never Use Tweets Like a Wet Cracker

Cookies – The more dry the better! Am sure you would never shop for a wet party cracker. Then why use a twitter content consideration the same way?

Twitter is an advertising and advertising blast if used the right way. I have been using twitter content for more than 2 decades now and have been achieved positive results only when I found the right way to use it.

Just like many of us I usually thoughtlessly do 2 things:

    Blindly adhere to as many as recommended twitter content records to adhere to.
    Blindly twitter every individual article on my site using the retweet plug-ins.

I can for sure say these two are the greatest problems that could get your party cracker wet.

The significant design you could see on Twitter is:

    You get followed again by many if you adhere to them
    Individuals register to auto-follow methods to improve the fan counts
    Your Twitter dash is filled with twitter content if you abandon it un moved for 10 minutes
    As soon as you twitter you see few new readers from twitter content getting on your web page / blog

Is that what Twitter is all about – a few additional readers, lot of shades twitter content, filled dashboards and large slice of readers to exhibit off?

Now let me talk about what I found the tough way and something that could really help you advantage.

I designed another twitter content consideration and followed a different technique that the one I used to use and many of us still use.

I had the new Guidelines this time:

    Only adhere to who I really desired to
    Will try to keep the fan to following rate unequal
    Have a easy consideration Bio (simple thoughts about me and what I do)
    Have a actual consideration pic (preferably not a visual unless you are a large brand)
    Answer immediate messages
    Check out / Solution to exciting twitter content and if excellent, re-tweet.
    Match / work together with actual people and develop contacts
    How this was different from my earlier approach

With my old consideration even though I had 8000+ readers on a retweet I used to get 120 -150 new visitors on my content. Then what are the 7850 readers for? Junk mail you? I think you have got the information I am trying to deliver across.

Here is a picture of my account: ( I have 60 people I adhere to and 1794 followers)

Take Home: Twitter is all about actual people and actual acquaintances – develop them and you would be recognized.


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