Friday, December 2, 2011

Put Reliability And Integrity

A week ago I was examining The Community is Smooth, by Johnson Friedman, and I came across a very exciting passage:

    "When persons are energized to explain to themselves on all these new techniques, it is significantly flattening, but also significantly distressing. Why? Because individuals will be able to routine down for details about you and me that used to be either extremely hard or very challenging to uncover. (…) You never know nowadays what type of automated digital foot prints your are making in directories that you think are confidential and will now, or soon will be, retrieveable."

After examining it I recognized that the details is particularly essential to web staff. It is not scarce to uncover web entrepreneurs, web marketers and entrepreneurs trying to generate or become well-known online using debatable – let alone illegal – methods.

Just think about sploggers and articles crooks, spammers, crooks, questionable entrepreneurs and so on. Sure they might be getting some income on the shorter run, but at what cost? One move and you will damage your track record for excellent. And there are no erasers on the Internet.

Here is what Johnson Friedman concluded:

    "Carry on actually, because whatever you do, whatever problems you develop, will be retrieveable one day."

So when a “smart” strategy comes into your brain, think twice. Reliability and reliability should come above everything else.


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me too

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