Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is This The Time To Click The Reset Button?

Do not worry, almost every blogger knows the story. You've been writing for six months or more, but have not seen a significant increase in traffic. Some of his messages have been successful, but most have gone unnoticed.

Frankly, you're ready to quit.

But you should?

No. Do not give up yet.
Why you should not give up

Did you know that most professional bloggers were not successful with your first blog? This list includes Darren Rowse, Jon Morrow and Johnny Away.

With much to learn in the first year, it is almost impossible to launch a successful blog in the first attempt.

But we also learn a lot in that first year. You learn to write better messages and how to create compelling headlines. You learn how to use Facebook and Twitter to promote and how to work the technical side of WordPress or Blogger, or any platform you are using.

After a year of blogging, you have invested a lot in your blog. If things go approximately 12 months, it is time to stop for now.

What should you do instead?

Press the Reset button

Instead of giving up your blog, you must press the Reset button.

Not that your blog is not good-he did not know what he was doing when he started. This is the case for most bloggers.

At the beginning, do not know what they want to write and do not know how to write for an audience. Most people do not even know how to write a simple message or owner.

It is logical that it would not succeed with his first blog. Afforded to the proprietor of the magazine to start a successful magazine without any experience? Of course not.

Magazines magazine owners have success after being in the industry for a decade or more. After years of experience, we are ready to start a publication. That is what the first year of blogging has to do, gain experience in the sector.

So now you have some experience, how do you use to run a successful blog? What to do if your blog is not functioning as well as you'd like?

This is what they do, instead of giving up, hit one of two buttons Reset blog.

The reset button # 1: the Update button

If your blog is pretty good, you may be able to come up with the number of hitting a reset button, the Update button. This means cleaning up the mess, giving your blog a new look, and planning for the future.

To update your blog, ruthlessly remove any weak or unnecessary message. After this, take a serious look at everything else on the site. If no label or widgets that are creating clutter and adding no value, get rid of them. All of them.

Widgets should not only have space. If you can not think what is the value added or removed something important, it's time to leave.

Here's an example: Do you really need a calendar widget for your blog? Do people actually use it? And although a handful of people who really feels over other important elements such as the sidebar of your subscription widget?

The answer is no. It has to go. If there is more of this type, you must go too.

The goal is to have a clean and tidy not distract from the steps that you want people to take. This means that reading your posts, subscribe to future posts, click on ads, or anything else that is really important to you.

If something does not fit into any of the major categories, must be eliminated. Immediately.

After cutting the unnecessary clutter, the next step is to update the look of your blog. This is the time to invest in the premium theme you've been looking for. They're usually about $ 80 and totally worth it.

If you want people to take seriously their blog, you need a professional looking site. To get one, invest in a premium theme.

This is the way to hit the Refresh button. If your blog needs more help than this may be time for the eject button.

Reset button # 2: the eject button

It is possible that your blog is in worse shape than the refresh button can help. When it started, did not really know what he was doing. His blog was totally an experiment, and do not even like the subject more.

In this case, you have to press the button number two lost the eject button.

If you're tired of your blog and you know you're ready to start again, now is the time to do so. Press the eject button and leave your blog, while you still can. It's time to start over.

The harsh reality is that you have a limited amount of time to write on his blog. Everything you type must be the creation of value for the reader and must contribute to their long-term goals. If you feel that your blog is headed in the wrong direction, not just try to wash a little, get out as quickly as possible.

If you do not stop-start another blog. Take time to decide what you really want to write, then go to work.

Choose a theme going in the direction you want to go. Then start your own blog with WordPress premium theme that will give you the flexibility and the look you need to create an impression that readers are taken seriously.

After getting these pieces in place, it is time to start writing again. Go ahead, make it work the keyboard.

A new beginning

Do not worry, it's okay to start over. A new start in a new direction may be exactly what you need for your blog. You may not realize it, but most bloggers have already done. Most successful bloggers did not begin with the site you're currently writing. Most of them hit one of two Reset buttons.


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