Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fotolia Has No Photos To Your Blog?

Are you using images on your blog? Most bloggers to increase their posts 'and blogs' impact with an image, and although I am a staunch textophile, I can see the point. A picture is certainly more appealing than text. Image pair on the right with a law degree, and that is on fire.

Until recently, the site of the image was used only recourse was stock.xchng. Although I like the site and its offerings, sometimes, no gain little for particular image types. I prefer not to use CC-licensed images because some images I CC can be used for commercial purposes, others can not, and the owners of the picture may change your mind, and then ask you to take the picture below ... to be honest, everything seems a lot of problems for me.

I work with a large amount of content, so maybe it has something to do with my lack of flexibility at this point.

Fotolia: Royalty Free Stock Photography

Recently we were contacted by Fotolia and offered proof of a month-long service, which has a library of more than 13 million images. There were some pictures that were not available at trial, but in the month, 17 source images. Only once I think the image I wanted to use was not available in the subscription and it was difficult to find a replacement that was so good.

Fotolia offers photographs, vector images, and videos. The only option was used images. To give you an idea of ​​what is offered, I found a little research on both Fotolia and stock.xchng keyword "handshake".

Both sites allow you to roll over the images to see a larger version, the collection of photos. Therefore I say to the results page what sizes are available, and when you see a specific image, both sites that say how to use the Fotolia image if you will also find the cost of the image.


Fotolia credit system used to sell the images. The cost of each image depends on:

the size and image resolution
the license of your choice
itelf, an image the images simply cost more than others.

If you're thinking of buying a stack of images, subscription plans available, you can see the images that the cost "as little as $ 0.14 for the picture!"

Use and application

Fotolia offers two types of licenses:

"The standard of the license (from XS to XXL and license V)

"This license allows the use of our images to illustrate magazine ads, websites, blogs, marketing campaigns, newspaper articles, television or video movies, books and book covers, documents, reports, presentations, etc. in all kinds media without limit of time or copies.

"The extended license (X to XV)

"This license allows buyers to use the image to create products for resale or distribution, we derive the value of output of the image (postcards, t-shirts etc.).

"Without limitation, you will be able to create mugs, shirts, posters, greeting cards, templates or other products, and sell to their customers."

This is a fairly large bonus Free Stock Images. stock.xchng not allow the resale of the images, if you want to do that, you need to contact the creator through the site. That's (probably) not a big deal, but from the perspective of ease of use, Fotolia makes this a no-brainer.

Image Quality 

Anyone who works with images know that there are good libraries and archive libraries wrongdoing. I can even say that. Those who are really in the design, marketing and visual communication can choose very fine lines between what is considered "useful" and what does not.

I used a lot of stock. xchng in the last three years, and is very easy to say the scum of the shape of diamonds. Some amateur photographers are very good and I am always able to find something really good on the site.

While Fotolia returns many more results and more images of polished, for each search, that are generally most of the images to be a little too ... it raises. Or artificial. An image of an outstretched hand of a computer monitor in particular shook me (I was looking for "handshake" at the time). I still shudder when I think about it.

I can not get that image out of my head.


But let's move on. Sometimes, I use what I have found less than ideal images for lack of anything better (one of these days I'll make my own photo shoot a branding iron, no matter what the cost).

That does not mean that there were some great photos, great site. And some of the less polished, not designed for-a-shot ad agency that I think are more natural and speak more directly to actual readers.

However, I would say Fotolia had a great selection of images. I've always found something I liked, and found it quickly.
Finding the Target

As a demon text, I think the poor universal search capabilities. However, Fotolia search was really good. I had no complaint, which is saying something, and was pleased with the results I got at all times, which is saying much more.

If you used the image before the sites, you know you can take some intuition to get the kind of image you want. So when I had to find a vaccine for Angela message in the mood, I expected the worst. I have to say it gave me some pretty unusable on Fotolia results, but with them, I have a few good results and is very pleased with the picture you've chosen. It was natural, not posed, and comparatively low profile.

The choice of images is a very personal thing, though, and what I think is bad, you see that big. All I can say is that I had better luck in looking for keywords Fotolia difficult than ever in other contexts.
Fotolia is the penalty?

If you're not earning money with your blog, I would not recommend the actual expenditure in pictures. You can get free pictures well through many other sources, spend money on something that translates directly to more readers.

If you are making money through your site, Fotolia is worth a look. It is not necessary to be making millions of people, either. The images that I bought cost U.S. $ 0.33 each, and I downloaded 17 images during the trial, so it all depends, Darren has been looking for $ 5.61 three weeks worth of images here on ProBlogger. Not bad!

If you:

cope with a large amount of content
not want to worry about licenses and permits
I want to spend as little time as possible by making your posts look good
I want to finish searching for images for you to [insert another task, the more interesting here]


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