Thursday, December 1, 2011

New 5 Ways To Directly Find Your Advertiser

It is the goal of many bloggers to move to monetize their blogs with ad networks like AdSense to sell ads directly to advertisers. But entering this game can be difficult - especially in the early days while still growing traffic.

Here are 5 ways that I got direct ad deals with sponsors in the early days of my blog first:

1. Write your topic on Google blogs

What the advertisers to reach the top right of the search listings? These products and services obviously have a budget for online advertising and are looking for exposure and could lead to a direct relationship.

2. Visit other blogs, forums and websites in place

That is advertising in them? These advertisers target sites on a similar topic to yours and are more often than not they are willing to try new places that are relevant to your industry.

3. Identify the affiliate programs in place

Some affiliates also be interested in a relationship of advertising to your blog. This may or may not be in your best interest to follow depending on whether your readers affiliate products converted.

4. Click on Ads

The first time I was looking for advertisers looked at what local companies advertising photography in magazines and newspapers here in Australia and got on the phone and called to see if they are interested in placing an ad. Most had never done anything online before and not a few took the step in purchasing an ad.

5. Online stores and new sites

This is another tactic that I used from the start also with some success. It was google the keywords associated with my subject and not just look at who was the advertising (as in # 1 above), but looking at what companies were included in the search results, especially those below me in the standings. I paid a special interest in online stores that had a direct revenue from their sites and contact them to see if he would be interested in advertising - very few did. I also noticed that the new sites were also established just sometimes more willing to buy advertising.

I must say that when you have a low traffic blog that none of these methods is to make a fortune. You will have to be willing to price their ads relatively cheaply until traffic grows - but getting these offers ad is better than no income for your blog and the media already has relationships with advertisers to grow as increasing your traffic.


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