Thursday, December 1, 2011

Things I Learned From My Mistakes

Here's the thing - the Chitika ad I had in this position of the ads used to perform to their fullest potential. I had already tested and made sure it was working fine. However Chitika added a new option to the announcement of its first - an option that I ignored. In fact someone told me Chitika to make changes again this month - I got distracted (busy life) and never did.

Even though I feel pretty stupid and I am fully aware that I have not cost thousands to make this change before - I know I'm not alone.

Many bloggers are in the same boat. We put ads on our blogs, getting a point where we think it is well optimized and then move on to work on other aspects of your blog without having to do things that are still operating at its maximum potential. Ad networks change their offerings, add functionality and sometimes just change the blogs and do things that worked well and no.

The lesson here is to revisit the ad units and test whether there might be a way to increase performance. You can not see the settings to bring $ 70 per day as did I - but over time the little touches add up!

What was the change I made?

The change was so simple - I just did Chitika ad unit larger. The ad unit was used to have in a 468 × 180 pixels in size ad. The new is 550 × 250 pixel ad unit. It is much wider (now occupies almost the entire width of my content area) and a little deeper.

It does push the content down the page a bit, but it is only affecting refferal search traffic and content remains above the user experience may not be affected much - but the ad performance is much better (with 3-4 times the rate of clicks depending on the day).


Anonymous said...

im using chitika and adsense in the same time

Anonymous said...

adsense is still the good for me

Anonymous said...

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