Thursday, December 1, 2011

Does The Look Of Your Blog Is Like NASCAR

Like all things in life, with the advertising you need to know when to stop. The one thing that drives me crazy, is to blog and be bombarded by a mess of Goggle Adsense, pop-ups, and 125 × 125 banner ads. These are all ways to bring some money for their hard work, but at what point is to be counterproductive?

Here's a hint: if I have to scroll down to get to your content because you have nothing but ads in the top half, then I'll never go back to your site. Do not click your ads. I will not subscribe to their feed. I will not download your e-book. Do not tell my friends about you. Are you getting the point? Too many ads on your blog is simply an insult to your readers.

You got to have some simple guidelines for your advertising campaign and stick to your guns. I will not say that this announcement is good and bad. But I will say that there is certainly a point in the next ad you put cost you money.

Try one yourself. Click any message on your blog and scroll down to an arbitrary point in the post. Now take stock of what you see. What percentage of the screen is devoted to advertising? If the number is too high, then you are not satisfied reader (if he is).

So what percent of space should be devoted to ads?

Let's look at the outputs of other popular media our there. On television, for example, the average of a one-hour program is about 44 minutes of programming and 16 minutes of ads. That is a ratio of ad / content of just over 26%.

Print journals are much worse. The magazine has an average ratio of ad / content of about 40%! This is not exactly demonstrate a dedication to the satisfaction of the reader. Could this be one of the reasons the magazine circulation has fallen more than 10% since 2008?

So what we get from these numbers? For starters, you need to get your relationship to the lowest possible. Certainly, the standard of the Journal of 40% is a number no, and in my opinion, the figure of 26% of television is not much better.

All ads in the world will do you no good if no one is there to see. If your blog has been sitting around doing nothing, revenue growth, subscribers, or traffic, then try removing some of the ads. You will find a site easier to use with a solids content and classified ads consistently better than a little confusing group of flags.

So unless your blog has a world class pit crew and can be over 200 miles per hour, you better do something about their announcement / ratio content. My challenge to you is to get your ratio up to 20% or less. To his readers (and income) will thank you.


Anonymous said...

mine doesnt :)

Anonymous said...

my blog looks like madagascar ahahaha joke

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