Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Start Making A Contest Using This 5 Steps

Running a contest on his blog can be a great way to generate new readers, subscribers to revive the stagnant, and increase the participation of its readers.

Competitions can be a lot of hard work for little or no result, unless you run a plan and have a clear objective in mind.

Here are five tips for running an amazing contest campaign blogs.

1. Establish a clear goal

As readers we love bloggers, we like the commitment, love the community in a competition can help achieve one or all of these things. When planning your contest, set a goal for what you need to reach.

Want more:

Email subscribers
RSS Readers
social media fan
sales of their product
comments and participation?

Set your goals as numbers, if you want to increase your email subscribers, how many you want?

The true measure of success is a competition in its measure, and without a clear objective, numeric instead, you will not know if their work is paying off.

2. Do not go it alone

If you're hoping to attract new readers to your blog, you want your competition to be seen by as many people as possible. You can do this by using some strategies:

Use a third party platform competition social media to help send the contest viral

Increase the visibility of your competition is key to success, and the best way to submit your contest viral social media.

A third-party application helps you to encourage his followers to share their entries in the media. You can also use a blog plugin to run your competition, or use a Facebook-based application as the application Binkd or Wildfire. (Full details here, Binkd my product)

Joint venture with partner

Building a list is another powerful way to attract a new audience. A computer with a colleague who does not compete in its place and share the benefits of competition. In return for cross promotion, which could allow markets the list generated by the competition.

Approach sponsors

Getting a high-profile sponsor their help to assist in the promotion or prize donation is another way to help promote your contest. It also increases the credibility of its jurisdiction by transferring the trust.

3. Carefully choose your competition

If you are using an application of the competition, there are several types of contests available:

Skills Competition

A contest of skill required to perform a task just to be elligible to respond. Contests stories, answer a question quizzes, and write a jingle of skills competitions are very popular. Participants can then either be selected or invited to share their entries to get your friends to vote. Skills competitions are similar to the drawings, but participants can influence its success or failure in the competition.

You can select the participant with the most votes wins, or that every vote count of an entry, and drawn like a drawing contest.

Photo contest

A visual skill contest, here, its just upload a photo, and then appeal to your contacts to vote for the photo. This is a good way to promote your brand vision. Get a picture of your fans with your product, or making a move related to the brand spread the word about you everywhere!

Contests challenge

A competition can send challenge participants in a virtual treasure hunt around your site and the pages of the media, the search for answers to your questions. This type of contest is powerful for creating interactive and participants involved.


Its participants submit their entry, and the winner (s) are chosen randomly. Sweepstakes are a game of chance, not skill.

4. Build commitment

Increasing the viscosity of its competition to increase the participation of its participants.
Several steps of the entrance

Statistically, contests with multiple entry steps give participants more committed and sticky. A challenge contest just gives her the opportunity to explore your site, and interact with several articles on his blog.

Achievable goals

Achievable goals for the contest participants to complete. For example, if you're running a contest article to generate some impressive new articles, no set number of words or criteria too high or too tight.

Do not challenge quiz questions too difficult to answer, or too cryptic in its tracks.

5. Automating the process

That can effectively run a fair competition on his blog, or on a forum and a set of email management, but a lot of hard work and can be an administrative nightmare!

There are several market applications that automate doing a contest and let you keep the list of participants in the market during and after the contest.

Some of the most popular are:

Binkd contest platform offers a plugin for WordPress and sweepstakes and contests Challenge Facebook

Wildfires application for Facebook sweepstakes, photo contests, and the vote to win
Bulbstorm for Facebook contest, photo contests, and the vote to win.

Running a contest can really help you build your readership and the quality of the unit, fans qualified subscribers to your list of email and social media platforms. Work can be simplified by using a third party application to handle all the dirty work of the administration of the contest.


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