Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making An Application To Engage The Viewer Of Your Website

Mobile users can read his blog on a mobile RSS reader, but reading a blog through an application means that they will come to your blog in particular. It's a different level of participation. They are looking for the icon for this blog. They are looking to interact with this blog every time. There is only one of a handful of publications.

It is found in mobile users are looking

Regular readers will have your blog in their RSS feeds on their mobile devices, but new mobile readers are much more likely to find your blog by searching for applications that searching the web. Having an application gives bloggers an additional avenue for the discovery of all.

Form a "secret society"

Once people have downloaded the application, you can participate in some way really great, too. Provide unique content for users of the application, creating the sense that they have joined a "secret society", by downloading the application. Using the fact that it is not just an RSS feed, and have them vote, filling out forms, and leave comments without having to use a different interface.

Pushing your message

Last but definitely not least, is the idea of ​​push messages. With one application, it is easy to send messages to people who have downloaded the application, even if not registered

Push messages are like text messages to all who have the application installed. For a craft blogger, this could be the way to tell people that the draft everyone has been asking for is finally completed, and the instructions above. Are you a mom blogger in her ninth month? Push messaging is a great way to instantly everyone knows it's a girl! Financial blogger? This is the way to tell everyone the mortgage is finally paid off! The possibilities are there to connect more closely, the time when a blog becomes an application.

How to make your blog in an application

There are a number of ways to do a blog on an application.

You may have an application developer to create a custom application for you. This is the most expensive option, but will give an application that looks perfect, works great, and offers all the special features you want to offer your readers.
You can use a service that converts an RSS feed in one application, such as manufacturer or Mippin Android Applications.

Our recommendation (and yes, we're a little biased) is the use of AppsGeyser, because it gives all the power of your blog in an application.

The distribution of your application

Your blog should be distributed application in two main ways.

The first is on the blog itself. This is achieved through the application of information and added link in the blog. It is important to copy the QR code to make it easier for readers to download the application easily with just one click of your camera phone.

The second channel of distribution is the Android Market. This is how new readers will find the application and, by extension, his blog. By adding the application to Android Market, pay special attention to the application name and description. The name and description is what potential readers are looking for when searching for new applications to download. Be especially careful with the name, since it is a problem to change it later. You can change the description below, if you're not happy with it.

Do not skimp on the icon and screen shots, either. We have assembled a place in the manufacture of an icon attraction without having to hire a designer. An application of attractive appearance is an important part of reaching a wider audience.


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