Friday, December 2, 2011

Are Public Social Bookmarking Websites Are Now Falling?

Some decades ago getting in the home web page of Google, StumbleUpon or Delectable was the wish of any internet marketer, but it looks like that is not the situation nowadays. Myspace and Tweets are the only solutions right now.

And there is even more details to affirm this pattern. Google introduced a new edition some weeks ago, and it very much zero ever since. Its true individuals empty the deliver professing that the new edition absolutely improved the energetic of the web page, and visitors is going down slope. I keep in mind that many decades ago the top accounts would get as much as 3,000 diggs, and now they get 200 or 300.

What about Delicious? It was one of the first public bookmarking sites, and it was extremely useful, with many individuals who beloved the support. The other day Yahoo! (the business who purchased the web page back in 2005) declared that they will either be concluding Delectable down or promoting it to someone.

I have seen any announcement about StumbleUpon, but I never think it is going that well either. I used to get a lot of visitors from it on most of my sites, and that is all gone. Most of my internet marketer associates are seeing the same design, so individuals seem not to be falling that much nowadays.

All this history to ask the following questions: Are public bookmarking sites dying? If so, why did this happen? The strategy of public bookmarking sites culturally seemed like a strong one, and if you ever used it you certainly saw the advantages. Despite that individuals are shifting on to new and different elements. What do you think?


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for me... its not

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