Friday, December 2, 2011

Let Us Be Connected On Facebook Now!

I was never a big fan of web websites. Sure I had an consideration on Friendster and MySpace, but I designed them with an helpful objective in brain (i.e., I desired to know what the excitement was about, and what type of web styles would appear as a impact of those sites).

Then Tweets and Fb came along, and I also designed records on both and commenced using them to know what was going on. I was not that pleased at first, and was anxious then used on those websites was generally be thrown away time.

After a while I discovered a use for Twitter: giving links to exciting or useful products around the web.

Now I am investing some a longer period on Fb, and I am beginning to uncover it more useful, too. That is why I desired to inspire you folks to add me as a companion. Here is my Fb URL:

If you want to be connected with other DBT viewers you can abandon a thoughts with your Fb URL on the “Website” area of the thoughts box (meaning that your name will be attached to your Fb page).

Finally, if you are still not on Fb I would inspire you to make an consideration, at least to comprehend where this “social networking” happening is going, as it’s one of the most essential styles on the internet right now.


Anonymous said...

i do not use facebook anymore but ill try

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