Thursday, December 1, 2011

Newsletter Readers Can Click Your Ads

I recently attended an event in which a presenter discussed the reasons for not using email marketing as part of their online business. One of the main reasons I presented was that he did not think the people who come from a newsletter click on the ads on their site.

His reasoning was that people coming to your site every week from a newsletter become blind to the AdSense ads that he was using (the main source of income). So instead of working in the construction of loyal readers who put all their efforts on SEO to generate one of the readers.

There were a lot of nominations in the room of attendees - at a level of what he said made any sense - but not very plausible to me.

You see my biggest day of AdSense earnings are always the day I send my newsletter. It handles a lot of traffic, but also seems to make in terms of income (of all kinds, including sales of ebooks, affiliate promotions and Adsense).

Today I decided to dig a little deeper in my Google Analytics statistics (which now integrates with AdSense) to see if what he said was true. This is what I found regarding adsense income in my photography site from different traffic sources in the past 3 months.

I am not able to share with you real eCPM (revenue per 1000 impressions) and CTR (click through rate) and I think I would break the AdSense terms of service - but I think the letter speaks clearly for itself.

"Aweber is the traffic coming from my newsletter and I have included a number of other traffic sources to compare their performance. You can see both eCPM and CTR that was Aweber place not only search engine traffic but traffic from the different types of social media and referral traffic from other sites.

Traffic Newsletter is undoubtedly the conversion in both CTR and eCPM. This is confirmed when I look at the traffic bulletin of others (for example, traffic from the mail servers of AOL and Yahoo), which is also higher than other types of traffic, both in terms of eCPM and CTR.

I also found interesting about these results was the traffic from sites like Facebook and Flickr, both back out Google traffic as CTR and eCPM. I had always assumed that social media, traffic has not become as well as other types of traffic, but at least on these results, it appears that not all social media, traffic is equal. On this topic - Twitter not become anywhere near as good as Facebook.

Of course, this kind of results can vary from place to place. Maybe because my photography site is not specifically a "product" of the site, but it is a "how to" on site traffic Google is a bit more general and less in a mood to buy which could reduce conversions - but at least for me is an indication that I'm in the right way to spend time growing my newsletter list!


Anonymous said...

yes its right because i noticed it lately

Anonymous said...

i see my backlinks is from yahoo mail

Anonymous said...

ahha me too

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