Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Monetize Your Blog By Mobile Traffic

In recent days I've been experimenting with the monetization of blogs for readers of my phone to do mobile versions of my sites.

Those who read ProBlogger on an iPhone, Android phones, Palm and Blackberry Storm are known to give you the option to view this post in a theme designed for mobile devices. I use to serve WPTouch this, which is a plugin for WordPress that I found very easy to use. I've installed, both here at ProBlogger and Digital Photography School.

I had to shut down recently, while making some changes on the server, and I was surprised the number of complaints I've received. Apparently, many readers these days to read my blogs on mobile devices!

WPTouch offers plenty of great features that will not go into here, except to say that you can customize the screen far beyond what I've done so far.

One feature that I will mention quickly is that the plug-in offers to those who see your blog in a way to add iPhone actually a Web application to the Home screen of your iPhone. This increases the number of people checking out your blog on mobile devices.

One of the other great features WPTouch offers is the ability to monetize the issue of mobile advertising. Once you have installed on your WordPress blog, all you need is to open the WPtouch area, and search advertising tab.


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good keep it up

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good! this is the first time i know it

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